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Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
to go to the police and tell them everything that you saw. >> boy, don't you listen to dana. you better try to be like lil' kim -- don't snitch. >> you need to go to the police. >> don't worry. i ain't saying nothing. >> good. because they'll flip the script on a brother. next thing you know, they'll say that you beat hakeem. >> you didn't beat hakeem, did you? >> delante, please. >> all right. the police got ways of tracking you down. >> how, kiki? i don't have a record, and nobody notices me from the video. they can't find me. >> calvin payne? can i talk to you for a second? >> who are you? >> detective morton, atlanta police department. >> look like you been tracked. [ siren wails ] [ tires screeching ] [ male announcer ] you like to try new things. now we have bold new tastes like never before. you like things made by hand. we're now grilling up freshly made egg-whites. you like to cool down. we just added a refreshing new smoothie. you get wrapped up in things. we're introducing new delicious ways for you to eat. there's no one quite like you. now more than ever, there's something
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1